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To read Althea's interview about Florence Price in the "Clavier Companion" please click here.

Reviews of Performances

“Pianist Althea Waites delivers a breath-taking performance that captures the imagination. Her interpretation of both modern-day and vintage composers is full of subtle nuances that can only be produced by masters. The music itself is a combination of Western tonality fused with subtle hints of jazz”
CueMedia/South Africa-July, 2017

"Florence Price's Sonata in E Minor is the logical heir to Dvorak's American period style. It is broadly scaled music of tuneful grace and surging power. Pianist Althea Waites presented it with superb tecnical assurance and probing artistry."
Ann Arbor News

"The genius of William Grant Still was clearly manifest in Monday night's recital by pianist Althea Waites at Rackham Auditorium. Waites' performance was by far the most musically satisfying of the series, and more importantly, she is a pianist who is blessed with a profound musicality."
Ann Arbor News

"Here is a pianist who boldly meets the challenge of performing contemporary music without fear or trepidation ... she plays with grace, style, and careful attention to every detail. Althea Waites is clearly an artist who does not compromise her standard of excellence."
San Diego State University

"The playing of Althea Waites was in complete response to the composers design ... her identification with the music was total and complete"
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"The bravura passages were rendered with great ease and without strain or harshness; her tone was full, rich, and singing throughout"
Journal de Geneve, Switzerland

"An outstanding artist who should be heard again and again ... we are indeed fortunate to have her among us"
University of California/ Riverside "An extraordinary pianist of rare talent and sensitivity."

San Francisco Chronicle

"With the release of this new Cambria disc, Althea Waites has performed the tremendous service of introducing excellent piano literature of African-American composers into the mainstream repertoire. This presentation of exciting new repertoire with the polished and eloquent performances of Althea Waites is highly recommended."
Barbara Harbach - Women of Note Quarterly

"Althea Waites, well known for her frequent appearances at major events in the past few years, does full justice to the music of Florence Price. Down playing the dated late romantic sentimentality, she reaches comfortably for more universal attributes."
Dominique René de Lerma - Black Perspective in Music

"Althea Waites gives an elegant, brilliant, poetic performance of Price's music, which should do much to bring it to the wider public attention it deserves."
Barbara Garvey Jackson - American Music Journal


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