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Information About Residencies

Althea Waites is a highly acclaimed pianist who has championed the music of American composers throughout her career. Her extensive repertoire includes traditional and rarely heard works, as well as new music by Latin-American, Asian and African-American composers.

A graduate of the Yale University School of Music, Ms. Waites has been artist in residence at numerous institutions throughout the United States such as Smith College, Virginia Polytechnic University, Spelman College, Haverford College and Virginia State University.

Her previous experience includes performances in schools with Young Audiences, Inc., Chamber Music in Historic Sites, Junior Chamber Music,and the Los Angeles County Music Center.

A Residency may include the following presentations:
  • Solo Recitals
  • Master Classes
  • Lectures
  • Lessons
  • Coaching (Chamber Ensembles, Piano Trios, etc.)

The length of a residency may vary from a few days to several weeks, with extended residencies of a month, semester, or year. In addition to performances in schools, Ms.Waites is involved in community outreach and service programs in retirement homes, prisons, hospitals and churches.

  • Music of African-American composers
  • Improvisation: Role of the keyboard in early music, 20th-21st century developments
  • Women composers
  • New music for piano

Topics for lectures may also be selected by the presenter/institution.

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